Mariah Carey and James packer have financial claims against each other

American singer Mariah Carey was not to build a family happiness with Australian billionaire James Packer. In that moment, when the preparations for the wedding went almost to its end, the businessman has decided that he wants to connect his life with a woman who suits him not at all. Then the representatives of packer talked about the fact that he broke up with Carey for two reasons – its excessive wastefulness and dependence on social life, desire to put their personal life.

Secular observers, commenting on the breakup, noted that packer, despite his vast fortune, did all the same like a real man, because he did not take away from the singer’s ring, which was presented to her on the engagement. But Mariah this was not enough and she demanded financial compensation from a failed husband in the amount of $ 50 million.

Of course, this behavior of the singer could not fail to displease businessman. Now he asks Cary to give him back the ring. He also refuses to pay for jointly rented mansion in California.

According to the singer, all this interferes with her focus on work and loved the pre-holiday rush – but she is sure that she will not allow James Packer to spoil her Christmas.

High spiritual relationship, do not say anything.

Recall, incidentally, that ex-husband Keri has already started a new life without her and perfectly itself feels. Nick cannon in the near future will once again become a father.

Source: segodnya.ua
Photo: nfsbih.net

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