Maria Yaremchuk was surprised by the daring


Ukrainian singer Mariya Yaremchuk, who knows about all the complexities of musical competitions, went to the Skadovsk to support the participants of the XV all-Ukrainian charitable children’s festival “black sea Games”.

However, the output of the actress on stage was jeopardizing her discomfort. All day Yaremchuk also active under the blazing sun, which caused heat stroke.

Unforeseen circumstances led to the fact that the organizers of the “black sea games” for two hours were transferred to the presentation of Mary, while the performer provided the necessary medical assistance.

Despite poor health, the singer decided not to upset the audience and did everything possible to quickly reach the scene of the festival. This evening Yaremchuk pleased the audience with several songs, in particular, the performance of one of the most successful Ukrainian tracks of the summer season “in Ti meni je”.

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