Maria Maksakova told why ashamed of his children 24???

40-year-old singer Maria Maksakova explained why ashamed of his children. The actress admitted that practically does not communicate with the senior heirs, writes “StarHit”.

Maksakova for the first time commented on the performance of children in the Crimea, which she described as “extremely unpleasant”. Since then, the children live with their father, Vladimir Tyurin on the ruble, in their development, they “stopped.” She Maksakova has no desire to communicate with the Turin, which, according to her, children like to live.

Maksakova also criticized the appearance of his eldest son Ilya, who after graduating from the Suvorov military school gained 12 kilograms of excess weight, which looks worse.

Maria Maksakova | FAN

At the end of the interview Maria Maksakova admitted that will be glad to reunite with his son Ilya and daughter Mila. Maksakova hopes for reaching 14 years of age children will be able to move in with her to Kiev, where the singer is going to be engaged in their education.