Maria Maksakova refused to communicate with his father after a stroke – 24???

Opera singer Maria Maksakova refused to communicate with his father Peter Igenbergs after he had a stroke. The woman now lives in Ukraine and has no plans to return to Russia for political reasons.

According to “StarHit”, informed Maria Maksakova called up periodically with her father, but her mother communication completely stopped once she was positive about the murder of Denis Boronenkov, wife Mary.

Maria Maksakova | dni.ru

Earlier in the Network appeared the information that Igenbergs paralyzed due to a stroke. Maksakova has not yet commented on the news. Most fans of the singer believe that she doesn’t know what happened, why not get in touch with relatives. Mother Maksakova, Lyudmila Vasilievna – also refuses to discuss the serious condition of her husband.

Recall that “Yandex” has acknowledged Maksakova the most popular woman in 2017. Attention to the singer was due to her husband’s murder in the center of Kiev.