Maria Maksakova is threatening not to speak with the mother until the end of his days

The Opera singer and the widow of former Russian Deputy Denis Boronenkov Maria Maksakova, brazenly shot dead last week in Kiev, said that it will not communicate with the mother, while she did not publicly take his words back.

The relationship between Mary and her mother, actress Lyudmila Maksakova became strained for a long time. The wedding of daughters of Denis and mother-Opera singer-not originally wanted. And when the actress and her husband had applied for political asylum in a neighboring country and renounced it, calling the son-in-law’s last words. The news of the murder Boronenkov pleased her, and she did not disdain to declare this publicly.
“Well, thank God. What else to do with it? Thank you, Lord, that in the end the man who had so meanly… He’s military, his treason would be shot!” — said Lyudmila reporters at the time, as her daughter’s heart was torn with grief.
Many celebrities expressed their sympathy to Mary, even not approving of her husband and escape to Kiev, but not the native person whose comment has stirred the public.
Mary called the mother of the deceased son-in-law “outrageous” and vows never to speak to her until the end of his days, if it did not publicly take back his words. Lyudmila, realizing that said too much, now says her daughter that journalists are confused, and if it is something said, not in such measure. They say that distorted everything to exacerbate the gap between them. Mary excuses mother does not believe and demands a public apology.
“I already told dad that she publicly rejects his words, if he wants me to talk to her. And now she supposedly these words are not said, so advised her to get out, but publicly, they say, to deny nothing. And I’m sure these are her words on tape… I told my mom: “If you really said these words about Dennis, then I’m not going to talk until the end of days!”- Maria told reporters.
Maksakova admitted that her very supportive friends and children. Communication with children – the only time when Maria stops to mourn their broken killer women’s happiness. The singer’s grief is so great that she even regretted that I was born. Denis was late and desired a great love of Opera divas. He became the father of the third child of Mary, and replaced native fathers older children.
“Now I have taken a cherished dream.. I live only with children,” said Maria.
Recall that Voronenkov was shot and killed on March 23 in Kiev, when going for a meeting with Ponomarev. Security guard killed Denis managed to shoot the assassin, and the wound was fatal – he died on the operating table during craniotomy.

Source: https://dni.ru
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