Maria Maksakova is ashamed of the children for a musical performance in the Crimea

Famous Opera singer Maria Maksakova indignantly spoke about the performance of their son and daughter in the project “Music for gourmets” in Yalta. Commenting that “development stopped”, Maksakova felt the indignation for the behavior of children.


Maksakova gave an interview to the Ukrainian media, stating the negative reaction to the actions of the children. Her older children Elijah and Ludmila acted in the project “Music for gourmets”, triggering outrage from her mother.

Maria Maksakova said that she was extremely unpleasant to observe the actions of their children on the territory of Crimea.

The singer stressed that at the time of her own upbringing, children were a powerful influence, and since the independent living development in this plan “stopped.” She also said that the speech of the son of Elijah with her in Cannes was much brighter and clearer.

Son Ilya performed a musical piece on a piano and the piano, and the daughter of Ludmila pleased to play the harp and read the poems of Pasternak. Most of the witnesses, their statements were positive, noting their uniqueness.