Maria Kozhevnikova admitted its imperfection

The actress has decided to support all the mothers who have great difficulty getting into shape after childbirth

“The third pregnancy I gained less than the previous two, and it was strongly noticeable!!! +27 vs. +40. How? Why? I really wish to reveal to You this secret, but no, just no. The same diet, life style and emotional state. Yes, and my son was born small, only 4 kg. Yes, for me it is just as, again, against 4600 4 kg is a huge difference for natural childbirth. In General, this time the boy felt sorry for the mother” (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Znamenitka) began his argument in the microblog Kozhevnikova.

“It’s been more than a month after the birth of my son, but I have +13 and I’m gradually going to rebound… don’t fit in their clothes this way, the primary incentive!!! Clothes hanging, and can not wear, Bidnenko? But even so, I love your body and create stress, slimming more than 5 kg in a month, I will not! P. S. Put this photo may not the most successful by the standards of instagram to support women who came out from the hospital models with size “90•60•90″ as is customary in this resource,” concluded Maria.