Maria Konchalovsky is on the mend: what is known about her as of today

Maria Konchalovsky, daughter Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky. Despite the fact that four years ago she was seriously injured, the girl still slowly but surely on the mend.

In 2013 in France and something happened the accident, which injured Maria Konchalovsky. At some point, father Andrei Konchalovsky lost control and head-on collision occurred with another car, reports JoInfo.ua.

What is known today

Recently, the media reported that Mary is on the mend. It is learned from the mouth of brother Masha – Yegor Konchalovsky. In conversation with Andrey Malakhov he dropped a phrase which is very encouraging.

“Mary is alive and, though slowly, it has a noticeable improvement,” he said.

A bit about Maria

It is known that Mary has been four years connected to a machine that supports the vitality of the body. And all this is a consequence of the ill-fated accident, which she went to France with my parents. As a result, a very strong trauma to the head that led to a coma, in which she is now four years old.

On the amendment of health of Masha

In the fall of 2015, the news that the girl came out of the coma and is undergoing further rehabilitation in one of the local clinics. The doctors do not undertake to give forecasts about the state of health of Masha. Parents also silent.

Despite the connection to the ventilator, saying, Mary began to respond to external stimuli such as light, temperature. Also notable was her reaction to when her family entered the room. But since the recovery process is progressing very slowly.

Journalist, Pointmedia Alla Omelchenko recalled that recently appeared information about the fact that maybe this fall Maria Konchalovsky wakes up.