Maria Kohno leaves the TV project “House 2”

However, each time she just miraculously managed to escape from a sad fate, and this helped her as a leader, and some members of the reality show, announces her resignation is Masha. The last time I left the project Anastasia Tutukova, but according to rumors, Babysitting Nastia is not secured Kohno, the website life-dom2.su.

Exactly Kohno was the main contender for the departure on Saturday, this time to save the girl failed. While it remains unclear whether left with the project after Maria Andrei Denisov (Bar).

“Nooo! Masha is sometimes a funny character. But it’s so much. My ears refuse to accept her hysterical roar. Let them fells in real life,” “And I’m sorry that Mary is gone. I wonder know how to Express my thoughts. Though shouted, but not angrily. Brand new sod. Interesting there. Better Cousin took leading. Tired of members who can not speak” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.