Maria Kohno finally found a relationship. Video

However, with the advent of the project of the eminent men of Alexei Chichica, the situation has changed radically. And while the young people for a long time skillfully concealed his communication, thanks to staff from the future broadcast, many viewers have learned that young people feel for each other’s feelings, the website life-dom2.su.

Despite the ridicule and leading another stupid assignment from Kadono, Alex and Masha literally glow from happiness and are willing to show others their passion and have a very real chance for serious relations.

“Kohno long ago disgraced not only themselves but also their parents with a tale about the departure of the Pope. She’s lying is like breathing, always climb in pairs, and algreba from someone – just whines. Excuse me, but Kadono that’s not the case – it is not fingered only lazy people” – wrote one of the spectators “House 2”.