Maria, Keri was shocked by the strange behavior

After a breakup , Maria Carey and her ex-boyfriend James packer and communicated. Despite her carefree behavior, American singer very badly to tear that occurred a few weeks ago on one of the Greek resorts. This claim of friends of the artist, which the behavior of Marii lately is alarming.

Keri was not going to return her engagement ring cost ten million dollars and considers it compensation for the year ticked off. But this is not of concern to friends of the artist – recently, Maria daily visits parties and drunk on alcohol, and this is more worrisome relatives of the singer.
“She started to slip into old bad habits, and it was alarming. Maria now, not herself, and doesn’t tell anyone what was happening to her and that in her mind,” said the insider.

The other day, Keri was spotted again in the company of choreographer Bryan Tanaka, who is considered one of the reasons for breaking an engagement of Merii and James.
“It was the only person, communication with which is so not like James, and after parting, Maria often hangs out with him to do the former fiance of a painful” — say, surrounded by artist.

Recall that a few days before to break up with James, Maria officially divorced Nick Cannon, father to his five children-twins Maroccan and Monroe.

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