Maria, Keri spends millions on her boyfriend

Do not mind the American singer Keri Marie to her boyfriend choreographer Bryan Tanaka. Recently, the actress celebrated her 47th birthday in mansion worth $ 25 million, located on the coast of the Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas. It was only her lover, who, according to insiders, Maria spends millions of dollars.

According to sources close to Carey, relatives and friends are shocked by what is happening. When it comes to Bryan, Maria can’t stop and squanders money in all directions, anticipating all his whims and desires. The singer godit his 33-year-old lover, as if under hypnosis.
Luxury Villa in which Maria celebrated his birthday (Carey insists on calling the anniversary), took a fancy to her beloved. And then, to please him, the singer decided to throw a party there. While the artist enjoyed the birthday party, Brian had put on his page in the social network, their photo sharing like showing off my stay with Maria.
Recall that Keri was fascinated by Tanaka soon after breaking up with her fiance billionaire James Packer. Maria even talking about a new marriage with a young man, and her family are really worried, because if it were to continue to spend money with such speed, let the wind all earned over the years.
“Maria throws to the winds the millions that go, mostly, on her stay with Brian. Her team and the managers are very concerned,” said an insider. Recently, Maria started to rent a boyfriend the car along with a warrior that costs thousands of dollars per month. The couple did not leave the parties, in addition, Keri likes to show different dancer exotic places or exotic animals, they often travel and spend their time in resorts. So, last month just from Dubai they went to a ski resort. Naturally, all the expenses were covered by Maria.
“She pays for his housing, food, brand clothes knowing that in this way can keep it near itself,” says an insider.

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