Maria, Keri opened the Christmas tree with new boyfriend

For several years, the American pop diva, Maria Carey opens up a Christmas tree for the lighting ceremony of the lights of new York’s Empire State Building. Despite the fact that his affair with choreographer Bryan Tanaka, the singer has not yet confirmed it, she chose companion this year.
As reported by the Western media, the couple arrived together to the most popular skyscraper in the Big Apple. Posing together in front of the cameras, the couple did not, although Brian enjoyed smiling at the paparazzi, as well as his famous passion.

Recall that on the novel Merii and Tanaka talking last week when the couple got into the lens paparazzi in Hawaii. Bryan singer circling the waves of the ocean, then the couple passionately kissed and walked along the shore holding hands. And the other day Brian said that he was always attracted to her and that he loves her very much. Maria, yet not publicly answered, and ought not the diva to do it.
Recall that in September, Kerry has been engaged with Australian billionaire James Packer, who was going to marry, but if you believe the rumors, businessman was not ready for public life, plus jealous Mereiy to her songs (as we now see, deservedly so). Instead of the wedding, the couple broke off the engagement. Keri still not told what was the true reason, but is ready to tell about it in his reality show, which will shortly come on the screen.

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