Maria, Keri having fun after breaking up with fiancé

After breaking up with fiancé James Packer has not passed also weeks, as the American pop star , Maria Carey was spotted in Los Angeles with another man. The diva was spotted in one of the restaurants along with choreographer Bryan Tanaka – rumor has it that the young man was one of the reasons for the parting of the bride and groom. Supposedly a billionaire suspected of Maria him is not true, and a closer look it might have fallen on the young and frisky to Brian.

The same Brian-“homewrecker”

Keri and Tanaka noticed outside the restaurant Catch, later they were joined by a mutual friend. Insiders close to Marie, reported that the reason for the couple’s split was not a betrayal of the singer, and all of the rumors regarding a possible novel singer and choreographer – just unsubstantiated rumors.
Photo with his girlfriend, Maria posted on his page in the social network.

“Friends who don’t read Woman’s Day” — posted by Maria under the photo, hinting at a yellowish Australian tabloid, which first wrote about the breakup of Keri and packer. Soon, this information, unfortunately, confirmed. According to information published in the tabloid, the couple broke up due to the irascible temperament of the packer and squandering Carey. You see, the billionaire figured that this woman can easily make him a millionaire.
Recall that Maria is still a married lady, despite the fact that since August 2014 she broke up with her husband and the father of her twin children, Nick Cannon after six years of marriage. This summer, Nick decided to give her a divorce and a planned marriage to a billionaire did not take place. Then, cannon explained his action by the fact that the relations of his wife with James a mistake, and he was right: how long they lasted.


Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
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