Maria, Keri didn’t know that an ex-husband will once again become a father

Last week Nick cannon, host of music show “the Voice” and former husband of Marii Carey, admitted in a live radio show that soon a third time will be the father of his ex-girlfriend Brittany bell is carrying his child. Since he dedicated it to the whole world, to personally send a telegram Marie ex-wife Keri, with the news did not. And it is in vain.

A few days later the singer gave an interview during which she was asked how she felt after she learned that her ex-husband will become a father again. Maria was shocked and confused, her voice trembled as she said finally: “I didn’t know that’s news to me”.
“If he’s happy, that’s fine. I will always support him,” she said, a few moments later.
Recall that the couple who are bringing up children-twins Maracana and Monroe divorced recently, after Maria literally begged nick to give her a divorce. The whole summer, cannon refused to do it, but Keri was unable to get married to Australian billionaire James packer. Their relationship Nick believed from the outset a mistake, and as the water looked – a couple sold out very quickly, despite the freedom that got Maria.

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