Maria, Keri and James packer will sign the marriage contract

Earlier in an interview with the American singer , Maria Carey admitted that she and her Australian fiance-billionaire James packer is ready to sign a prenup, and now she’s in more detail told about the reasons for this natural solution.

“We would very much like to apply to this event as to something minor, but the reality is that such details as the marriage contract of the famous and successful people have to pay a lot of attention. He has a large fortune (according to Forbes Peera have a 4.2 billion – approx. ed.) and I have things that must remain exclusively mine, so we quietly walked to the legal registration of the marriage contract. For me it will be the third marriage,” said Maria and expressed the hope that it will be her last. Even the priest Keri asked her “not to be Elizabeth Taylor, famous for its many marriages.

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