Margo Ovsyannikova cannot define their sympathy

Jos and I now like you, but I myself no longer consider. First I ran after him, tried to score when he met Sasha. And then I became friends with Simon, so Joey became jealous. It so happened that I liked Simon until I used it. And when I started Dating him, everyone noticed that Joey went very sad.
With Simon we have not asked. Initially, we were fighting because he told me something is not trusted. I photos laid out with the other boys — he didn’t like it. I joked with all the dirty jokes — he didn’t like. Plus, Joe did somehow cheat, gave incorrect information and we passeri.

For some time we were not together, and then everyone noticed how Simon without me sad. He set the scene in which the girl played me, and a scene over the fact that he wants to start all over again. After this he was again with me to flirt. Now Simon never said that we have a point. We will continue to communicate, to be seen. And today we had another fight. I’m alone again.