Marat Basharov marries

Infamous for his love Affairs and relationships with women Russian actor Marat Basharov going to marry. Beloved artist Elizabeth Shevarkov from day to day should give Marat a child. Sources reported that Basharov has already made the woman an offer of marriage, and soon must go through the marriage ceremony – the lovers will try to catch up to the birth of a baby.

A huge celebration is not to be expected. Insiders said that the ceremony will be small and the wedding will remind a quiet family dinner, which will be present only the closest relatives and friends of the artist and his bride.
For Lovelace, this marriage will be third. His first wife was Elizabeth Crocco, the mother of his first child Amelie, who now works as his Manager. In 2014, he married the second time to actress Catherine Ancharovoj, but the marriage has not worked and lasted only a few months. but ended with a scandal. During an argument Basharov raised his hand to Catherine. If you believe her, from the beating she had even been in a coma. But the story is murky, as there was actually nobody knows. The couple divorced with the scandal, and Marat destroyed his reputation. Nevertheless, wanting to be with him women are not diminished, it is not strange. An affair with Elizabeth Savercool developed rapidly, and in a few months, they have learned that they have a baby. Despite his vows not to step over the threshold of the Registrar, Marat still decided on the third attempt of the official marriage. I hope it will be for the bride and groom last.

Source: http://7days.ru
Photo: http://showbiz.mirtesen.ru

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