Marat Basharov has taken custody of the Syrian children

It became known that soon Marat Basharova will be another children – a son and a daughter. The actor has decided to take custody of Syrian orphans, 7-year-old ASMA and 5-year-old Ahmad. While children live in a refugee camp in Lebanon, but Marat is going to take care of children, to support them financially and provide kids with everything necessary.

As told by mufti of Moscow, Ildar Alyautdinov, “guardianship is a monthly financial support Basharov Syrian children”.

By the way, the Syrian refugee children, under Sharia law, are considered orphans because grow up without fathers. Now ASMA and Ahmad are in Lebanon, in a camp for displaced pereselencev. While the boy still has six brothers and sisters, and the girl – five. Officially, the custody of children will draw at the end of this month, when representatives of the Russian side will meet with the Syrians to sign the relevant documents.