Marat Basharov for the third time married

Today, September 9, Marat Basharov officially married for the third time. His wife was Elizabeth Shevarkov, with whom he has a son Marcel.


The official ceremony took place in Solntsevsky registry office in Moscow. The intentions of the actor on marriage became known about a year ago, but no one but relatives and friends did not know the exact date of the event. The history of relations between Basharova and Shevarkov is quite ambiguous, since the pair had known each other five years ago. But then their relationship has not moved into something more serious. During this time, the actor managed to marry and divorce scandal with Catherine ancharovoj. Soon after the failed marriage of Marat Basharov decided to return to Elizabeth Savercool. It is known that in July of 2016, she had one child, a son named Marcel. Immediately after this momentous event Basharov made her an offer.

The report notes that at the wedding ceremony attended by only family and closest friends. According to media reports, the total number of guests was about 20 people.