Marat Basharov called the son of a strange name

In late July, Marat Basharov again became a father. The actor was born a son, to whom he gave the unusual name.

According to press reports, his successor, star of the TV series “Bachelors” called Marcel.

Marcel Basharov sound?

Note that at the moment the kid and his mom are already home. Basharov took his beloved Elizabeth Shevarkov son from the hospital and took them to his country house, where they will gain strength and enjoy nature.

In his country house, the actor has decided to arrange a surprise for the beloved and son, decorating family nest a few dozen balloons and baskets with flowers.

Recall, a novel Savercool – second life Basharova relationship that led to the birth of a child. Despite the fact that Marat was married twice, only the first marriage he had a daughter Amelie, who is now 11 years.

With his second wife, actress Catherine Ancharovoj, Basharov divorced in March 2015 after she said numerous beatings by her husband and his addiction to alcohol.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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