Marat Basharov called the following “the battle of psychics” – 24???

Russian actor Marat Basharov said that it has identified the main contenders for victory in the show “Battle of psychics.” Leading have noticed five of the most powerful participants, reports BIMRU.

The new season of “the battle of psychics” starting on 23 September. Leading popular project remains Marat Basharov.

According to a leading mystic of the show, he had already learned for several years on the project are able to distinguish the show from contestants trying to demonstrate their abilities at the initial stage of the competition. According to Bashar, he already knows who will be able to show the highest results on the project.

The artist believes that to determine a strong party that can win the show, not so difficult.

Marat Basharov | World “Weak people hide behind hideous “masks”, trying to hide incompetence,” said Basharov.