Many fans of Evelina Bledans sure that her divorce from her husband – it is a PR stunt

Still being discussed the reason for the divorce of Evelina Bledans and Alexander Syomin. In an interview, Alexander said that to his wife in the first place was a job and her fans. It seems that he was right.

Now the divorce has done for Evelina Bledans what she wanted. Again talking about it in the press, she was invited to various talk shows and followers on Instagram though.

Many fans noticed that about the separation with her beloved husband the actress said when her Instagram was noticeably less advertising and earnings on it fell. Shortly after the airing of the talk show dedicated to the divorce of Evelyn and Alexander, the number of paid positions has increased again. In the same way fans did not believe in the employment Bledans and do not consider it a cause of divorce. She doesn’t have many performances and projects, to talk about the fact that she’s constantly not at home. Many believe that there is to be reconciliation of the spouses and their divorce is just a PR stunt.