Managers Keshi think her crazy

The infamous singer Kesha, who is still suing her former producer Dr. Luke (aka Lukasz Gottwald), it turns out, is a piece of work. White and fluffy in public, in the work of the girl was not present. The people collaborating with her, complain about the rudeness on the part of the singer and in General I think her crazy.

One of the sources, for obvious reasons, hiding his name, stated that Kesha was “behaving as if on drugs”. The same information is contained in a dedicated public correspondence, management of the singer and her former producer. Side of Dr. Luke provided these letters as evidence of insanity of the artist.

“Early in the morning, she pulled me out of the van and started yelling at me. She didn’t listen to my arguments, only screaming, so I helped her. But it was only seven in the morning. She’s not only crazy, she’s rude and ignorant” — said one of the assistants Keshi.
Lawyers for the defendant argue that the only reason Kesha started this whole fuss is bonded to the termination of her contract. We will remind that earlier the singer was unable to prove in court that Dr. Luke made her violent actions of sexual character, and those charges were dropped. At the same time, the Cache is still trying to get rid of the slave contract which she signed at the age of eighteen.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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