Manager George Michael: “he was sure going to die early”

The tragic and sudden death of the legendary musician George Michael at the end of last year was one of the worst losses of the music world. Former Manager of the deceased Rob Kagan in a recent interview said that his 53-year-old ward was always the feeling that he soon leave this world.

“He was just obsessed with the thought that I would die young.
“I know what I’m going to die early, but that’s okay, I’ve had a wonderful life,” he said.. When he lost Anselmo (partner singer Anselmo Feleppa died of a brain hemorrhage, caused by the effects of Biopartner singer Anselmo Feleppa died of a brain haemorrhage caused by the impact of HIV in 1993 – approx.ed.) I thought he was going to do something with them, so great was his grief” — said Rob. Every time, when faced with difficult and heavy losses – whether the loss of a partner, friends or beloved mother. deceased from cancer, George has always found the strength to move on, as it was not difficult.
Rob spoke with Michael by phone a few days before his death.
“I called him and he said that he’s fine. He gave me to listen to new songs that will be included in the new album. The new song is not depressed, no sadness, just the lyrics” — said Rob. About George’s boyfriend Fadi, who found Michael’s body early in the morning on Christmas and not too flatteringly surrounded by the deceased singer, Rob also speaks unflattering.
“The guy wants fame. He was a leech from the start, and George knew that, but I think he ignored that fact and was just glad of the company. Fadi was useful to George in many aspects, and he appreciated it” said Rob.

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