Mama Lera frost your comments was terrified of the male Salenko

However, once again, for the male all ended well – he managed to beg forgiveness from his girlfriend. But Valeria’s mother was not ready to forgive his potential son-in-law. The woman is terrified from what she had observed in the air and absolutely refuses to accept my daughter’s choice, the website life-dom2.su.

It should be noted that the male was afraid of his reaction possible relatives. According to the young man, he understands the need for personal apology, but didn’t dare to call, fear can only aggravate the situation.

“And anything that her daughter all mo*dy beat and maim and generally behaves like a street girl. So, what, then do not bring this to her face beaten and the blow to her, like a mosquito bite. And the mother, if so sorry, let them take their “treasure” home,” advised fans of “House 2”.