Malysheva, Kirkorov and tablets: Galkin showed a new humorous video

Popular Russian comedian Maksim Galkin today presented to the fans the story of the adventures of Malysheva and Kirkorov during the flight in the same plane.


The role of the leading program “Health” were Maxim Galkin. He parodied Malyshev and began to ask questions Kirkorov, who talked about the pills and medications. 50-year-old king of the Russian platform has demonstrated how useful can be hemorrhoid candles, tablets “Aspirin” and syrups against cough. Kirkorov and Galkin in his humorous manner, joked during a flight in a private plane, on Board of which was also Alla Pugacheva.

Fans thanked Galkina, he published a continuation of the adventures of Malysheva and Kirkorov, and also asked on the basis of such parody to make a Comedy show.