Malinin ignores the father and the eldest daughter

Family conflict discussed in the Studio Dmitry Shepelev

58-year-old people’s artist of Russia and Ukraine Alexander Malinin was already 27 years old happily married with the head of a private gynecological clinics and online pharmacies, a gynecologist Emma Malinina (nee — Zalyaeva — approx. ed.). In 2000, the year they were born twins Frol and Ustinja. Apart from them, and adopted son of Emma Anton, the singer has two children from previous marriages: son Inna Kurochkina — Nikita Malinin and daughter Olga Zarubina — Kira Evdokimova.

After parting with Alexander Zarubin moved to the US and raised their common daughter. Soon her father was replaced by a stepfather — Vladimir Evdokimov. And when the ex-wife decided to introduce the singer with a grown up child, he refused to acknowledge it, his wife Emma was also negatively disposed towards it. After that, the girl closed in on itself, and Olga Malinina blamed in indifference. After many years he did not support and was not interested in their life.

Lasted 20 years and his conflict with his own father by Mykola Vyguzova. The actor still can’t forgive him for the divorce. Recently a man suffered a stroke. Today he is in hospital, his condition is estimated as heavy. About this on air of the talk show “really” said his wife, noting that under any circumstances will not ask for help from Malinin.