Malakhov called on to help Volochkova cope with alcoholism

Discussing the deplorable state of the ballerina

After public discussion of the dependency of the Russian star Dana Borisova and Eugene Aspen, popular bloggers and ordinary Internet users began to offer Andrei Malakhov to pay attention to new victims addictions.

Under a fragment from one of the last interviews with leading Maria Maksakova has accumulated a lot of comments asking for help Anastasia Volochkova to cope with alcoholism: “Alcohol to women are horrible. She could not understand their addiction. Anastasia has a clear passion for green snake. Help to get her out of this swamp. She has a daughter,” “Andrew, the transfer of Volochkova necessary… Let him explain to us where millions of her in this lifestyle and charity concerts? We, the taxpayers, want to know, and only You would be bright, interesting and seamless transfer.”

It is curious that almost passed a rehabilitation course at the Thai clinic Dana Borisova recently mentioned that right now among her fellow sufferers there is “one known ballerina.” Really it can mean that Volochkova already gets the proper help?