Malakhov and Borisov Aspen lied about the conditions of stay in the rehabilitation center Mr.

A musician can’t even buy deodorant

For almost a month the once popular musician Eugene Osin undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence in Thai rehab under the guidance of longtime girlfriend, TV presenter Dana Borisova. Recently the actor got in touch with Andrei Malakhov, who also participated in the organization of his stay on Samui, on Skype.

The actor admitted that much feels better fast, played the guitar and, thanks to psychologists, has reviewed for many things, reports starhit.ru. And then complained about their housing conditions: lack of promised leading free settlement, motorcycles and cash, which he can’t even buy yourself deodorant.

In response Malakhov relieved of the singer, saying that this temporary measure — part of the treatment. Leading apologized only for the fact that he tore up Aspen, an active parishioner, from the normal rhythm (in the centre of the service only on Sundays). At the end of the conversation the musician has expressed the wish that the free space in his room took his colleague, singer of the hit “Night rendezvous”, the 62-year-old Chris kelmi.