Maksim Galkin confessed that his children are jealous of each other to their parents

Not long ago, the famous showman Maxim Galkin was a guest of the popular TV show “good faith” with the TV presenter Igor Nikolaev.

Today, probably the most popular stellar children are Lisa and Harry Pugacheva Galkin. Maxime regularly publishes in his “Instagram” funny videos and photos of their heirs, and posts get a huge number of comments and likes.

Yesterday, the air appeared a huge interview with Galkin that he made leading Yuri Nikolaev in the show “my word”. Maxim said in the program about their children-twins Lisa and Harry, and admitted that the relationship kids it is difficult to name ideal.

Showman said that many can notice that he is often on the shoulders or the hands of the sitting Harry, and it’s not because daddy loves him more. Just a baby so competently and skillfully establishes a situation, that Maxim no longer remains a choice. Also Harry is very jealous of the parents to Lisa. And the girl is one minute older than her brother, so she is wiser and often goes to him to make concessions.

Maxim also announced that Lisa very in character similar to his mother, but Harry is an exact copy of himself. Myself and Maxim Galkin call strict father also can not, because very often spoil their kids. According to the comedian, for the strictness of their family meets Alla. Maxim says he generally can not be strict, because he is moved by each of their actions or words with sex trafficking.

Maxim Galkin with Alla Pugacheva, recall, were married in 2011. In 2014 they had twins Lisa and Harry. Kids star couple gave birth to a surrogate mother. I must say that the kids Maxim and Alla was very talented, and they’re already at three years old demonstrate various talents and abilities: read poetry, speak a foreign language, dancing and singing.