Maksakova answered the forecasts Sobchak six months later

The singer explained why not going to return to Russia

After the murder of ex-MP Denis Boronenkov, testified GPU on charges of treason of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, his widow, Opera singer Maria Maksakova, together with the little son went to live in Kiev. Many celebrities have offered the singer to return, but every time the artist responded with indignant refusal. Ksenia Sobchak in his newspaper column on the portal of the magazine “Snob” said that now Maksakova “no one in Kiev is not necessary.” In her opinion, live singer used to “open, beautiful and bright, surrounded by so many friends”, so sooner or later she wants “to communicate, to tour, to sing, and even, perhaps, to build a personal life that was tragically cut short”. While doing this, Maria will be able only in Russia, and to be again adopted, will have to abandon all “said the heat of the moment” and thus “renounce your husband,” said Sobchak.

After nearly six months after the release of this article, Maksakova gave an interview to one of Ukrainian publications. Such a long delay with the answer, she explained that she decided to “answer things.” She also expressed suspicion about the disparity between the real position Sobchak and published material. In the summer she returned to the stage, spoke at the independence square and the famous Kiev Philharmonic. The actress said about bright life in the Ukraine, which it suits, and listed a number of events in which he participated recently. To return to Russia Maksakova no plans because here is the murderer of her husband.