Makes johnny Depp amber heard leave their shared apartment in Los Angeles

Divorce johnny Depp and amber heard ended as suddenly as it had begun. It seemed that it would be a high-profile case. The trial which will last at least several months. However, the celebrities showed that they are adults and able to settle all differences more or less peacefully. Johnny agreed to pay ex-lover $ 7 million of compensation, in turn, Hurd has agreed not to nominate Depp allegations of domestic violence.

The idea is that now both stars life should improve, but luckily, Depp is again heard. The fact that the actress can’t move from the Los Angeles apartment. How to tell the informants, a very angry johnny.

“Johnny is very glad it was finally over, and tries to leave all the memories of amber heard behind – and for this purpose asked the former spouse as soon as possible to take their belongings from their shared apartment. The actress on this is no time for several weeks, she practically goes out of London, where he starred in “the justice League”, — said the insider journalists People.

By the way, in London, Hurd has managed again to show another side of yourself. Despite the starry crown, which for several years kept at the head of the actress, she wasn’t allowed into a night club. As we can see, not always the star status solves all problems…

Source: popcornnews.ru
Photo: bbc.com

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