Make protective amulets from around you things

Things familiar to us may have a special energy and protective functions, but few know what the objects around us can be called sacred amulets.

Turning for advice to Vasilisa Volodya, we learned that in every home there are things-amulets, which differ protective properties. According to experts in the field of esotericism, every object in our house has different influence on our health, mood and aura. There are things, consuming energy, and there are objects that attract positive energy wealth and happiness. Enough to pay attention to them.

Examples of these items are vintage charms, which over the years has become a familiar and everyday things. And it was pins, horseshoes, bells, strands, ornaments, figurines, hand made, are sacred objects and help the owner of the house to let the positive flow in your abode and forever to settle in the atmosphere of love, harmony and prosperity.

The color of things

Color in ancient times served as a powerful amulet for the house owners. The Slavs took special meaning painted and patterned things, considering them the source of a higher power.

For example, based on red lies the key energy which formed all the other energy flows. This energy emanating from the depths of the Earth, gives its owner the will to live, absolute confidence in yourself and the future, the solidity, the decisiveness, the ability to achieve goals and to keep moving forward. No wonder in ancient times the word “red” used to mean “beautiful.”

Vasilisa Volodina know about the power of red not by hearsay. Not so long ago she experienced the powerful help of the red amulet. The talisman was brought to her with the sacred Israeli land. Protective thing resembles a red thread and has unlimited power, capable of repelling all the negative threads.

The power of jewelry

Any decoration in ancient times was a source of positive energy emanating from Space, and gives a person a fortune. Of course, now times have changed and people became much is known about the interaction of the body with jewelry. If you wear a decoration constantly, aktiviziruyutsya biologically active points, which allow positive energy to circulate freely inside, freeing you from negativity.

However Vasilisa Volodina sure that it is not enough just to choose the decoration. Good luck accompany you in everything thing you need to charge. The famous TV presenter chose that same red thread. To strengthen the positive flow of the Universe, she consecrated her beside the ancient shrines — the Wailing Wall.

Natural materials

Natural materials have a genuine protective properties and meet absolutely every house in the form of jewelry or interior items. For those who know how to see them, to listen, to understand sacred things reveal their impressive abilities and show their unlimited possibilities.

Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina allocates wool as an excellent protective material. Our ancestors believed that wool has a lively energy. Between her and the man is constantly energy. In other words, things of a positive effect on the destiny of man.

If your house is a thing that combines several qualities, then you are in luck. After all, in this combination the protective power increased significantly. Vasilisa Volodina said that her red woolen thread, imported from Israel, has a triple force.

On her personal website you can see all information about how it transformed the life of the famous TV presenter since the acquisition of red thread. From all sides Vasilisa Volodin had requests from people wanting to buy such protective amulet. And she responded to your desires. To order the red thread — the source of abundance, prosperity and happiness became possible. Hurry to place your order, do not tempt their own fate, because you came across this information.

Now you know about the items in the house that serve as protective amulets. She Vasilisa Volodin, a famous TV presenter, and used them as things-charms, until he found all three protective functions in one efficient and effective talisman. To receive from the Universe what you wish, to protect themselves from negative outside influence has now become possible with the help of red thread. We wish you good mood and new victories. Be happy