Makarska has urged people not to celebrate Halloween

Celtic New year, Halloween, has lately become a very popular holiday in our latitudes. But, it turns out, not everyone likes it. In addition to the clergy, not happy with “devilry” and some of the stars of domestic show-business. For Example, Victoria Makarska. Recently, the celebrity began to feel the mystical evil that comes from alien to our holiday, and now wants to warn his fans not to follow someone else’s traditions and do not play with evil.

So, the singer and wife of Anton Makarska declares that it is “Game of death” carried off to the light of life to her friends.
“Remember how you came into Vogue in the 90s this strange holiday. We celebrated Halloween in Casino Moscow. A year later I found a photo which we all together were fooling around in makeup, and I was terrified. Our friend Enrique killed by smashing the head just as she was shattered on the ugly mask, which he jokingly pulled over in this “holiday”, and my friend Kate, fell to his death in a car crash, the photo was a face, made up of blood from the part, where then the scars were already present” — said Victoria.

Then Makarska was not so religious as it is now, and she supposes that it is faith in God saved her from certain death. For ethical reasons and not wanting to hurt the relatives of the victims friends, she did not publish fotodokazatelstvo his suspicions that this is not just a mystical coincidence.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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