Madonna’s son Rocco was arrested for Smoking marijuana

Sixteen-year-old son of American singer Madonna Rocco, whose famous father is British Director guy Ritchie, was arrested for Smoking marijuana. It happened two months ago, but it is known about the incident was only now.

Law enforcement officials arrested the teen near the house of Richie. Son just smoked a cigarette. Passed son celebrity neighbors who have long complained of the unpleasant smoke guy, but he did not react to remarks.
When the police approached Rocco, he threw something and tried to escape. During the search of a young man found a little pot.
At the station, He had to talk to the professionals engaged in at-risk youth. The hardest thing then was to talk to guy and his ex-wife, the mother of Rocco. She has long been looking for an excuse to get my son back, and this is not a trump card in her hands. But, judging by the fact that the incident time was unknown, Madonna decided to close my eyes on this scandal.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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