Madonna will protect Kenyan women and children

Recently, the American singer Madonna met Margaret Kenyatta, first lady of Kenya. The meeting was held, as befits, in Nairobi. During the conversation, the women discussed the problems in the field of humanitarian work.

The actress said that several of its funds, including specially created Global Philanthropy Group, budkt to cooperate with the organization Beyond Zero, dealing with the health of the mother and child. In addition, they talked about the programs working against gender-based violence.
Madonna said that he and Margaret shared goal is to protect children and women. Kenyatta thanked the singer for helping and social activities in their country in General, and welcomed future collaboration.
Earlier it was reported that Madonna and Angelina Jolie as goodwill after the UN Commissioner for refugees, visited the state Department in Washington. There they met with John Kerry and discussed the current difficult situation of refugees.

Source: http://www.gazeta.ru
Photo: http://www.gazeta.ru

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