Madonna moved to Portugal for a football future son


The famous singer Madonna moved to Portugal for a football future son. It is planned that the American pop diva will live near Lisbon, in the district of Alcantra and spend the next six months.
There the singer will live until, until the end of the renovations in her own home in Sintra. Madonna, according to media reports, moved to the homeland of Cristiano Ronaldo in order to be closer to the place, home of her 11-year-old son David. The singer and her ex-husband guy Ritchie adopted a boy in Malawi and now the singer strongly cares about its development and implementation.
Young David is training at the football Academy of football club “Benfica”. Now Portugal will be the permanent residence of the singer and it is from here she will go on trips. David himself in awe of the fact that can play sports at the home of his idol Cristiano Ronaldo. In the future the boy dreams of becoming a professional and highly paid football player. There is information that the singer will dwell in the mansion for seven million euros. Previously, Portugal is a place of permanent residence elected by such stars as Christian Louboutin, John Malkovich, Monica Bellucci and Eric Cato.