Macaulay Culkin has denied the information about drug addiction

He may look like a drug addict, but it is only appearance. Hollywood actor Macaulay Culkin, the star which flashed and went out three decades ago, said in an exclusive interview with The Guardian that contrary to recent media information, did not spend thousands of dollars on heroin.

In 2012, one of the American editions came with a table of contents that drugs Culkin spends six thousand dollars a month.
“Of course I did stupid things, but not enough to throw away such a huge amount of heroin. The fact that journalists are always coming up to me supposedly wanting to help, but always manipulated the facts,” said the terse Macaulay, drop something like that, that he’s going to tell his version of what happened.
Culkin appeared on the screen in the franchise of home Alone, being just a kid. The movie “Richie rich” added to his fame and made the most successful child actor in Hollywood history, but his star in the cinema went out. They say, allegedly, because of the domineering father of Macaulay Keith, who was his Manager and put the producers in such conditions that eventually those stopped inviting Culkin Jr. in their projects. This was the reason that Macaulay does not communicate with his father, even knowing that he is on his deathbed.
To a question whether he regretted that his career in film has failed, the actor replied that if I had the chance to live life again, nothing would change.
“My trouble has allowed me to become what I am, and I like my life, no matter what anyone said. So I wouldn’t have to change anything,” he said.

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