Lyudmila Ryumina died of cancer: biography, funeral

The famous Russian singer Ludmila Rumina died today in Moscow on 69-m to year of life. The cause of death of the celebrated singer was cancer. This was stated by the representative of the Moscow cultural folklore center Ryumina Elena Orlova.

“Lyudmila Georgievna died tonight in a hospital from cancer,” said Orlov on 31 August 2017. Along with this she added that farewell to people’s artist scheduled for September 4. Those wishing to say goodbye with Ryumina can do it in the Folklore center.

In a press-service of the Moscow Department of culture announced that the Agency will assist in organizing the funeral and the funeral of Ludmilla rominou.

Lyudmila Ryumina was born 28 August 1949, in the glorious city of Voronezh. Her family lived quite modestly, but all this is only tempered character of the young Ludmila. She graduated from art school, and then began to work in the profession, later, this knowledge will help her to create their costumes.

Only having started to work, she was invited to the ensemble “Voronezh girls”, it was here that she began to sing folk songs. She got serious about singing, and enrolled in music school.

After the future star led the children’s choir and then became a soloist of Mosconcert. His accomplishments already in 1985, she became the Honored artist of the RSFSR.

Her personal life was not particularly developed, men of course there were many, only Lyudmila about this much does not spread. But she always had to choose between work and love, and the work was always first.

All this did not allow her to have a family. And then there was an accident in his youth, when she came under the wheels of the car, and she dragged it on the pavement a few meters. After that, she forever lost the opportunity to have children.

With his personal tragedy she resigned, and devoted himself completely to his disciples, in which were invested all my unspent motherly love.