Lyudmila Ryumina, cause of death: latest news, when and where the funeral

Famous Russian singer Ludmila Rumina died today in Moscow on 69-m to year of life. The cause of death of the celebrated singer was cancer. This was stated by the representative of the Moscow cultural folklore center Ryumina Elena Orlova.

“Lyudmila Georgievna died tonight in a hospital from cancer,” said Orlov a few days ago, which caused surprise from the fans of the singer, as previously they were unaware that Ryumin was seriously ill. Along with this she added that farewell to people’s artist scheduled for September 4. Those wishing to say goodbye with Ryumina can do it in the Folklore center. Earlier it was specified that their final resting place, the singer will find at Troekurov cemetery of the capital.

In a press-service of the Moscow Department of culture announced that the Agency will assist in organizing the funeral and the funeral of Ludmilla rominou.

Lyudmila Ryumina was born 28 August 1949, in Voronezh. Childhood of the future singer was held in the village of Elm in Lipetsk region. This is the place the singer always considered their homeland. The family was very poor, but she went to art school, which she graduated from at age 18. Then she went to work at the local plant. There she worked as an artist-formitalia, developed patterns, sketches and designs. Later, all this will help her develop copyright costumes for performances.

Already at work Lyudmila was invited to the ensemble “Voronezh girls”. In the composition of this group, the girl begins to sing folk songs. She was fascinated by music so seriously that he decided to enter the musical College named Ippolitova-Ivanov. Externally talented girl graduated from College within 3 years.

Then Lyudmila went in fryazinskiy music school. She was in charge of the children’s folk choir, and then became the soloist of Mosconcert. And all the while she studied. In 1978 Lyudmila enters the Gnesins ‘ Institute, and in 1983, she has a diploma of higher education.

Throughout his life Lyudmila Ryumina studied, perfected their talents. She opened his folklore center(MCC) in Moscow, which still operates. It opened in 2007. Ludmila performed regularly in solo recitals, she has recorded 16 albums and participated in various events.

Lyudmila Ryumina had a lot of men. According to her, with all she was happy. But with anybody it was not long. She always had to choose between personal life and career. In addition, serious relationship interfered with the fact that in her youth she got into an accident. She survived, but has become barren.