Lyubov Uspenskaya looking for builders who would save her house

The house that Love assumption put a lot of effort and money, began to crumble on the eyes which can not disappoint his mistress.

As it turned out, the reason that the dwelling of the Queen of chanson, in which she hoped to live happily ever after, suffered at the hands of unscrupulous developers. According to the singer, workers skimped on everything, bringing Love got the house, which due to the low power wiring emboss tube, inflated floors, and in the spring house and all can “carry” due to the fact that its Foundation has not been installed drainage.

The pool assumption is also required urgent re-intervention masters because of lack of equipment the construction of the pool could just break down, when it would fill with water.

According to love, she worked more than one team working at different times, but so far none of them was able to surprise her with a good result: “I kept hoping that the next time I work with are lucky. Especially since they said each time: “We are the best builders, will do everything on the highest level!” And then it turned out that this is not so.”

Now the house of the singer there are still some shortcomings, which it hoped to resolve soon.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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