Lunar planting calendar for October 2017

Nearing the end of dacha season 2017, however, this does not mean that the plants will not need care. Lunar planting calendar for October will help you to prepare plants for the winter period.

Of course, before the winter month, but now the low temperatures may seriously impair how the above-ground part of plants and their root system. Find something to do in the garden to get rid of the autumn Blues.

October 1-2: the first two days of October waxing Moon will be in Aquarius Sign. This means that plants are better not to disturb. The maximum that can be done is to collect ripe harvest, but be careful not to damage branches and stems, because wounds will heal very slowly. In those days plants very difficult to transplant. Try not to water them because this too can have a negative impact on their “mood” and health. October 2, closer to the evening, you will barely moisten the soil.

October 3-4: in these days the moon rise will continue, but in Pisces. Such a Union would be extremely positive for almost all cases in the garden and the garden. Sowing, planting, transplanting, harvesting — all this will be very useful. Do some watering and raking, and transplanting seedlings. Previously collected immature fruit will be able to gain color and nutrients lying on the windowsill in the sun. The only thing that astrologers do not advise you to do is to do pruning of plants.

5 October: full Moon in Aries. It will be surprisingly favourable day for working in the garden or yard. The moon will be very strong, which is good news for those who collect medicinal herbs. Any pruning of plants and cut flowers will be a great thing in such an energetically powerful day. Don’t put plants because they will settle down very badly. As for ploughing and weeding, the astrologers also give the green light. The day will be good for winter preparations.

October 6: after full moon comes the period of waning moon. It will remain in Aries, so the strongest dissonance between the energy of the stars and the moon will be cause to postpone the case across the garden at another time. Assembled in the 16th lunar day the crop will lie short lived, so allow the fruit to hang on the branches, to gain strength.

October 7-8: Taurus and waning Moon is the perfect combination for crops. In those days plants well survive the low temperatures and frosts, and also become stronger. Of the plants that you plant 7 or 8 Oct, get a great fruiting units in the future. The number 7 can be loosened, watered land, processing plants protective substances against pests. 8 Oct Taurus will be a little weaker, so loosen will already be dangerous. The root system will become more vulnerable.

9-10 October: the transition to the constellation Gemini will make the moon less favourable to work in the garden. The element of Air will have a good impact on the saturation of the plants with carbon dioxide, but the rest will need to try to be as accurate. Even water the plants need moderately profusely, trying to follow the rules. If you make a mistake, the consequences can be not the most pleasant.

11-22 October: Cancer, who will take the stage in these two days will leave a good trail. It will be two very favorable days to harvest, for crops, any processing plants and irrigation. If the cold hits, to prepare plants for the winter will need it on 11 and 12 October. Inoculation and root feeding are a good choice for gardeners who wish to make as much of the work in the garden these days. Plants need now to strengthen the aerial and underground parts. This is a good time to clean the garden, remove larger weeds and light weeding.

13-15 October: when the Moon is in Leo, in the garden, everything is upside down. Plants do not lend themselves to any work, so you should simply complete all previously initiated the case and leave both large and small plants alone. Pinching plants will be the most dangerous type of work. Landing better to reschedule. All this may have a negative impact on the health of a culture.

October 16-17: the waning Moon in Virgo is always good news for the world of plants and vegetable garden. In these two days is to draw attention to homemade flowers, shrubs and plants from the nightshade family. It will be the strongest crops and plants. They can be transplanted, to dive, to loosen, to do the nipping and so on. It is advisable to saturate them to the evening of the 17th, water and nutrients, because then there will be not the most favorable period.

On October 18-19. Scales affect the moon bad, especially on the last day of the descending of the disc. Your main task will be to find the strength to not touch the plants and let them live their lives. Only it will be easy to water them in the evening of the 18th. October 19 will be the new Moon. This is great, but the negative event, which means that plants will need more time to recover if the root system is damaged. Avoid deep cultivation that can damage any culture.

20-22 October: three of the most auspicious day for the entire month. They will be under the auspices of the Scorpion, which increases the energy of all living things. Waxing Moon when it is constructive and surprisingly positive from all points of view. It will be the most successful days for the conservation of fruits and works with plants. If you’ve had any big plans for the end of the month for transplanting or grafting, you will realize all of this from 20 to 22 number. Most of this positive period will be in October.

23-24 October: Sagittarius and not to gain power the waxing Moon is a fairly auspicious combination. 5 and 6 lunar day you can devote to replanting and watering, but the root system can not withstand large loads, so do not try to pour the soil, supersaturate it with moisture. Do protect trees and shrubs from pests in your free time.

25-27 October: three days of the reign of Capricorn with the growing Moon is the time very ambiguous. Plants become much stronger, but the intervention in the processes of nature are unacceptable from people. Try not to make in any business other than irrigation. On 25 and 26 October you can try a paraglide the land, but this should be with extreme caution. The harvest should be delayed.

28-29 Oct: Aquarius rising and the Moon — not the best combination for the garden or for replanting and landing of plants. Do some fertilizing and raking, and removing weeds in the garden. If it is very cold, then proceed to the sheltering for the winter grapes and roses.

October 30-31: the rise of the moon and her stay in Pisces will make the last two days of October the best for soil nutrients. The plants will absorb water and substances much better than usual — it is impossible not to use it. You can do transplanting seedlings, watering and hoeing.

Plants, like people, depend heavily on what position is the Moon and in what phase. Lunar calendar will help you any area of life to make a more favorable.