Lunar day today the 27th of October 2017

Moon energy is changeable, and to be always on the wave of success, consider the recommendations of the daily lunar calendar. It reflects the main characteristics of the day, knowing that you don’t miss your luck.

Use every day to develop. Do not miss the favorable odds in the days filled with positive energy. The power of the moon will be for you a source of strength and inspiration, if you will learn how to use the phases to their advantage. And in order to luck did not leave you, tune in the positive.

Moon phase: 14.06 in change 8 to the lunar day will come 9 lunar day, which will take place under the influence of the waxing moon and the constellation of Capricorn. At this time, the power of the moon weakened somewhat, which will affect the activity of the people. In this regard, may sour relations in the business sphere, but there are favourable cases to private development and achievement of new goals.

Magnetic storms: on October 27, meteorologists predict a weak magnetic storm. Perturbations of the Earth’s magnetosphere can cause malaise, headaches and fatigue. On Friday, try not to overload yourself with work to avoid unpleasant symptoms.

What is good today:
organizing business and social events;
the decision of the question of real estate;
completion of current Affairs;
health care.
What is harmful:
the conflicts and adventures;
the workaholism.
Finance and career today

The influence of Capricorn on this day, is highly ambiguous. On the one hand, you will feel energized and creative energy, driven by the rise of the moon. On the other hand, appear likely to conflict situations in the business environment in connection with the mood swings. Astrologers urged to be vigilant not to accept the adventure of business and to postpone important decisions on more favorable time. At the conclusion of a business contract there is a risk to miss important details, and your work will go down the drain.

In financial terms, this day is not suitable for excessive spending, but a long-planned sale or purchase of real estate will be successful. Day dangerous temptation: yielding to the persuasion or momentary impulse, you can spend money on unnecessary things or unprofitable deposits.

Closet on Friday

The influence of Venus, patroness of Friday, awakens the desire to create and to create beauty. This situation involves delicate clothes of delicate shades that will help you to find harmony and attract the attention of the opposite sex. In addition, the calm tones of the clothing promotes better concentration.

Astrologers recommend to refrain from bright and flashy colors, not to provoke conflicts of aggressive people. Also, no harm will be decorations made of natural stones that will help to cope with lack of energy and will be great protectors of your vital forces.

Chores according to the lunar calendar

This day is to pay attention to the interior of your home. Under the influence of Venus awakens love for the work, so for home decoration best time. You might want to change the location of furniture or to make concluding touches to create coziness and comfort.

Astrologers are advised not to overexert yourself and take on only the feasible case. To relax, you can go to an interesting event, walk with friends or spend an evening alone with friends.

Health and emotions 27 Oct

The adverse effects of solar winds can spoil not only mood but also health. On this day, carefully watch your health and take timely measures to prevent the unpleasant symptoms. As maintenance therapy well help decoctions of herbs. They reduce fatigue and help to cope with the discomfort.

To lighten the mood on a Friday day with positive attitudes. To day was a success, avoid conflict situations and not to succumb to provocations.

Love and relationship in 8 and 9 lunar day

Venus, the patroness of Friday, gives the space a soft energy, which enhances feelings. In this regard, astrologers recommend to spend more time in the company of a loved one. Lonely people on this day also should try your luck and go for a walk, meet new people, among whom could be your potential partner.

In business communication, 27 Oct experts site dailyhoro.ru it is recommended to exercise ingenuity and seek a compromise solution. The key to good luck will be your loyalty and the absence of negative attitude to the interlocutors.

Each lunar day in a good mood, will bring you to your destination. Don’t forget that negative mood is bad not only for performance, but also on health. Do not skimp on compliments and smiles.