Lunar day today November 1, 2017

Each new day is a new battle for good luck and success. The advice of the astrologers will help you to overcome any obstacles with minimized losses.

To increase energy and vitality today need to make the best of things. Good mood is a guarantee of success. Don’t be afraid to look ahead, creating a solid ground now. It all starts with ambition, but ambition starts with motivation. Look for motivation, then you will find your luck in all areas of life.

Moon phase: waxing Moon today is in Aries. Despite the special power of Aries, the energy of this Sign will be combined with lunar energy. Such discord can seriously hinder your plans in the 13th lunar day.

Magnetic storms November 1: today the Sun is not disturbed. The Earth’s magnetic field will be as calm as possible.

What today will bring good luck:
plans to follow;
common sense, logic;
the wise counsel of a loved one;
mental labor.
That will scare the luck 1 Nov:
a quick transition from planning to action;
high ambitions.
Chores according to the lunar calendar

Home today is better to be alone. If you do not have any business outside the home, then try to abstract from all problems and just enjoy your favorite hobby or to relax. Of course, the day today is a little one, but even if you do, do not take on too much. Tonight at home, not go to redo everything and finish the job. The most reasonable plan would be to just relax, watch a movie, read a book, drink a soothing tea. Home is your castle, so don’t bring back unnecessary problems.

What to wear November 1

Try to look today, the most restrained. Careless choice of color of clothing can bring you much unwanted attention. It is better to be a gray mouse and to take care of the protection. The energy of the metal will be very useful, especially if the metal is silver. The most cautious have to be ladies who prefer bright and flashy outfits. Restraint today will save you from most troubles. November 1, don’t need to meet someone, to make a phenomenal impression on anyone. Concentrate on work, using when creating the image more black.

Finance, business and work in the 13th day of the moon

At work, in business and financial Affairs will help you to follow common sense. In those days, people like to ask anyone for favors, but don’t make them lightly. You can force to join in the adventure, which obviously failed. This is a dangerous day that would Rob you of money, respect and status. This can happen even without the intervention of outsiders — you’ll be able to afford to annoy if you let ambition guide you. Do not pay attention to dubious offers, and not to succumb to provocations. Be careful only to words and advice of those who are dear to you and who cherish you.

Love and relationships according to the lunar calendar

Both in business and in love today, just don’t hurry. Astrologers advise not to rush things, if you are going to continue, after the date or meeting. If a date was scheduled for today, do not equivocate. Search for time in order to keep the promise. Look for any opportunity to prove their love, because people will believe only actions, not ambition and empty promises. If no plans for the evening were not, and do not build them today. Privacy will be a good choice.

Mood and health today

Feeling good is only people modest and sensible. Do not expect from ourselves and from the world, nothing supernatural, then all will be well. Just move forward towards their goals. A good mood will be provided to you if you will not look for fault in their actions and not be too self-critical. As for health, because of the strong dissonance of the moon and of the RAM, it may not be the most good.

Use the affirmations if you don’t know how to get out of your head negative thoughts. Success is always just need to lend a hand. Today try to be as creative in everything.