Lunar day today 31 Oct 2017

Sometimes the smallest detail can disrupt our plans for the day. Lunar calendar will help you avoid difficulties and obstacles on the way to the goal.

Different moon phases have a strong influence on the person. Sometimes we feel that the day will be successful because the morning our things are going well. But sometimes we can “get off on the wrong foot”, and during the day everything will literally fall from his hands. To know what to avoid, and which cases will be successful, no need to have psychic abilities. You only need to follow the advice of astrologers, who are specialists of the site dailyhoro.ru gathered for you in the lunar calendar.

Moon phase October 31: today 12 lunar day. This day is dominated by negative energy, so there may be some differences with family, friends and colleagues. The night star is in the constellation of Pisces — this emotional Sign of the Zodiac can greatly affect your inner state and draw you into a fantasy world. Try today not to make important decisions, not to make irreparable mistakes. However, today there are positive aspects: with the growth of the moon increases your energy, so you will be able to commence planned works.

Magnetic storms: a full-day magnetosphere of the Earth is calm, and it means that our health is not in danger.

What today will bring you good luck:
physical activity;
active rest;
What to avoid on October 31:
important decision-making.
Finance and career according to the lunar calendar

The moon is in the constellation Pisces, which you can become too scattered. So try not to take important decisions. If you feel a burst of energy and you present desire this day to prove yourself at work, you should not postpone the plan. Tuesday is under the strong influence of the planet Mars. This means that resolute people today can largely be.

12 lunar day should be more attentive to money. The negative energy of the day is able to push many to rash actions and undue risks. In those days, increases the probability of collision with scammers, so be careful, even to friends and acquaintances, because sometimes a nasty surprise to the people from whom you least expect it.

Love and relationship in the 12th lunar day

On this day you can become a party to the conflict, and may arise with your loved one. Your love for the significant other and understanding will help to avoid quarrels between you. The moon is in the constellation of Pisces means that this day, many can be acrimony: there is a chance that your lover will feel it myself and just want to lose weight with your heart. So before you show aggression and to respond to criticism, think about it: maybe your beloved just need support?

In the period of the waxing moon increases the likelihood to find new friends and even meet a new love. If you wish to find a soul mate, try often to go for walks, spend more time with friends, attend entertainment and cultural events. So you will increase your chances of meeting a loved one.

Closet on Tuesday

Today it has strong energy, so it is advisable to give preference to bright clothes. If you do not want to attract attention to their appearance and the views of others lead you into embarrassment, wear clothing that accentuates your current mood. We should not forget about convenience. Remember that feeling of comfort — the key to your activity and productive work. Uncomfortable clothes that inhibit movement, or excessively high heels are unlikely to be appropriate.

House and home October 31,

Today it is advisable to spend your free time at home. If you feel tired, it is not necessary to do General cleaning. On the contrary, it is desirable to relax, be with myself and to put in order their thoughts.

Perhaps your household today will be a little impulsive, but do not forget that this is just a consequence of the interaction of the growing moon from the Sign of Pisces. Avoid fights, and if they occur try to reassure their loved ones. Conflicts have a negative impact on the energy background of your home and all its inhabitants.

Health and mood today

During the growth of the moon it is likely to receive serious injuries, and unfortunately they will pass long. Try to be careful, and then you will be able to avoid such troubles. If today you feel depressed, you should not succumb to negative thoughts: most likely, your inner state is negatively influenced by the energy of this day. To avoid this, try to escape and have fun. Active rest will help you to get positive energy, and will also benefit your body. If you need to vent and share something intimate, then talk to your close ones: remember that is very harmful to keep emotions inside.

With each passing day winter is getting closer, and the cold has already arrived. During this period, it is important to protect your immune system from various diseases. It is important to know the causes of the fall colds and sniffles. Let the troubles always pass you by,