Lunar day today 31 Dec 2017

The moon is always with us, no matter what happens. It is the closest space object in the Universe. Her energy affects all living things, and to track the mood of the moon help astrologers, whose advice contained in the lunar calendar.

Make a wish for the New Year. Today is a very important day. All the negative need to leave behind, and for positives to give a direct road to your heart. It will be a magical night, but the last hours of 2017 need to live with dignity. It’s not over yet. Only when the second hand of the clock at 23:59 will exceed the mark “12”, it will be possible to change something in your life. Now leave everything as it is.

Moon phase: 13 day of the moon means that the Moon is still rising. Today will be very nice, because Gemini will interact with the Moon. It will be fun, but do not forget about the responsibilities.

Magnetic storms 31 December: today is not expected magnetic storms. The Earth’s magnetic field is calm.

That will bring good luck for today:
spiritual quest;
the desire for something new;
changing the habits.
That could scare away a fortune:
evaluative thinking;
the decision other people’s problems.
Chores according to the lunar calendar

This day is not well suited to deal with the problems of home. At the same time, it is not necessary to leave a small home business on the 1st of January. Try to limit to only a light cleaning and cooking holiday dinner, and large-scale jobs like the repair or rearrangement of furniture move on a more suitable day. Setting the table is a must, so try to do it as quickly as possible, lest it become a problem.

What to wear December 31,

Round items are excellent talismans today. It can be rings, pendants, bracelets. The best metal is gold, and the best stone — Topaz. Good talismans are stones or decorations of red and Burgundy. Of clothing is best to choose something bright and unusual. This day fits in well with the energy of the moon and stars, so the color red will be very useful. This is a great success for all fans to dress brighter. Today, this plan allowed almost everything. Avoid excessively formal style of dress. Those who have not yet decided how to celebrate New year, you can use the tips by Zodiac Sign.

Finance, business and work in the 13th day of the moon

If you’re going to work, you should pay more attention to search for new ways of development of the business and its Affairs. This will help you creativity. It’s a good day to find inspiration for creative exploration. Nothing is impossible today, because the energy of the moon and stars will be the most harmonious. Do not engage in solving problems that do not concern you. This can be regarded other people as selfish, but it is not necessary to attach too much importance to what others think.

This day is good for innovation, for planning something special for next year. It is not necessary to consider events only as good or bad. Look at a deeper look. Nothing happens these days just. Be ambitious, because luck will accompany today motivated people. If you will be buying gifts at the last moment, anything terrible should not happen. Spending today is acceptable.

Love and relationships Sunday

This day is ideal for weddings, to wedding planning, to transfer the relationship to a higher level. Our loved one does not need to estimate the negative — let your significant other thinks you don’t care. Be wiser. You two will have to strive to something new, to change the situation, to visit other cities and countries. Today you can begin a great journey.

If you have not yet found a mate, today it is possible to pay attention to this process. If you are unable to establish contact with any person, if the Dating is interrupted or fails to create a strong and harmonious relationship, it is necessary today to change something in yourself. Thoughts are material, therefore you need to think always about success.

Mood and emotions according to the lunar calendar

Today the mood is pretty stable most people. If you are predisposed to stress, it’s best just to avoid them to a negative program does not worsen and did not show up in your life. Today is a chance to change the spiritual component of his personality, enriching it. Visit churches, synagogues, mosques — it is a good choice for each believer. Today’s prayers will bring you moral satisfaction, will deprive you of negativity.

Go ahead and not think about what happened in the past. Your errors need not be corrected, even if it is the time and opportunity. The past must be left behind.

Astrologers say that in these days it is very useful will be anti-cellulite and therapeutic massage treatments. Medical intervention also will not be superfluous. You can safely visit the dentist in those days.

Uncertainty creates only problems. Today it is possible once and for all get rid of trouble, or rather, from the source of these troubles. Be rigid and not settle for what we have. Go on, conquering the world step by step. Striving to get something. Ambition is your fuel today, the source of motivation.