Lunar day today 2 January 2018

The moon is a space object is important for all life on Earth. If you want to live this day so that you are left with a positive impression of it, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of the lunar calendar.

The fact that today, on the second day of the new 2018 Earthy Yellow Dog, comes the full Moon. It will be a hot day filled with sharpness and dynamics. Astrologers recommend how to control your emotions so as not to cross the line. This day should be more cautious to all people, regardless of occupation, gender and age.

Moon phase: full Moon will be held under the auspices of the Cancer, which is very bad, it can affect the inner world. These days take effort people more than you give. Cancer are not able to give anything good a 15 lunar day, because his energy is in complete dissonance with the Moon.

Magnetic storms January 2: today the Earth’s magnetic field will be excited, so you should pay attention to their physical activity. It is not necessary to overdo it and burden yourself with heavy things. Give rest to the body.

That will bring good luck for today:
completion of previously initiated cases;
any change in the mindset;
the correct arrangement of priorities.
That can bring problems:
full reduced activity, apathy, passivity;
high hopes;
travel, long trips;
important things to serious decisions:
hatred, envy, jealousy.
Chores according to the lunar calendar

Home today needs to be as calm as possible, because the magnetosphere of the Earth outraged. This is a very bad day for General cleaning, for any new beginnings. Wipe the dust, if you want, but no more. Wash linen, wash dishes, and the rest just rest. No need to strive to make this day memorable for you as day cares. Rest more if you get the chance. The full moon is not the time to overwork. Be creative, fight with yourself and surrounding you with negative energy.

What to wear to a full Moon

Clothing and image in General should be, according to astrologers, restrained. On a full Moon and especially the full Moon in Cancer, do not abuse the bright colors. Fill strength will help the blue or green, but only will need them to dilute the black. To be on everyone’s mind is not necessary — blend in with crowds to turmoil passed you by. It will be a difficult and dangerous day, so clothes will solve a lot. Will also have to get your most powerful charms. If you have a lucky charm that you don’t split, you better not forget about him today.

Finance, business and work according to the lunar calendar

The full Moon things can go not as you planned. If you now have the opportunity to completely abandon the work, then do it. Complete apathy and fear also should not dominate your life because the full Moon is still active. New cases it is better not to start today. Astrologers suggest to change priorities now, while you have the chance. Do not envy success of other people — you are no good will not result.

In any case, only the caution will remain the main secret of success for many people. Today we should not try to jump over your head — only moderate spending and tranquility will bring good luck. Also astrologers suggest not to have any unnecessary expectations about work and business. Just because success will not come to you.

Love and relationships today

Love the full Moon to better Express the respect to its second half and to all who would lay claim to that title. Try to change the situation, if the relationships go into a state of stagnation and dullness. Bring something sharp and interesting. Talk to someone whom you love — anything wrong will not. If problems in love you are concerned, make this area a priority.

In human relations the main thing now is not to leave the bounds of decency and to respect the interests of others. We are all different, and the full Moon to be with others the most difficult.

Mood and health 2 January

Full Moon people often have some problems with health and, of course, with the mood. The activity of the Sun and, as a consequence, the excitation of the magnetosphere will play a negative role in this regard. Do not abuse bad habits in this day. Stay close to nice people, that you once again did not touch the showdown.

On this day, the astrologers suggest to give more time to relaxation, to meditation, to improve mood. Do not lift weights and exercise in moderation. It would be better to stop at the time of exercise. Walk with those who are dear to you, chat in a relaxed atmosphere on abstract themes. Get pleasure from life, abstracting from everything that annoys you.

This day will be very difficult. You need to maintain power until the evening. It is important to meet people and to do something for work. It would be better to leave things alone, but the realities of the modern world are such that even on vacation or during the Christmas holidays we can catch up with urgent business.