Lunar day today 12 Jan 2018

Lunar energy is very important for each of us. It changes every day, thereby changing our lives. The advice of the astrologers will help you make the January 12, positive and productive day.

To attract good luck and prosperity today, do not have to climb out of my skin. Just believe in yourself, in spite of the difficulties and attempts of your enemies to disarm you. There is nothing more difficult of trying to stay afloat, when you are surrounded by some sharks. Do not trust people too much that day. Today, there comes a time when it is better to be in solitude.

Moon phase: waning Moon in Sagittarius and the first day of his reign is a good Union. Despite the fact that 25 lunar day can be the most successful way, you should pay attention to my life more than the lives of others.

The magnetic storms of January 12: today everything will be OK. The Sun no flares in the last couple of days, so nothing to fear. Weather-sensitive people can easily engage in any business.

That will bring good luck for today:
That will scare a success:
Chores according to the lunar calendar

The house today is to relax. It is best to privacy in their personal area, to do what you love, no one to distract you. On this day everyone tries to impose another. Basically, anything terrible in it is not, but it is better to abstract from it all. The priority will be a holiday, but if duty calls, you can safely work an hour or two. Your home will become an impregnable fortress for your enemies. Use it to the full, in order to relax.

What to wear today

Clothes is better to give preference to the most simple elements of your wardrobe. You should not experiment on this day. This is especially true of those who are going to get out of the house. Given that for most of the day will be work, better not to risk in vain. Wear something discreet, not causing any negative emotions from the people around them. The secret may lie in the choice of colors. The most dangerous colors today are yellow and orange and red and white. Dark colors and shades are a good choice for people who are not used to losing. Black color perfect for work, brown for flirting, and the gray will help to focus.

Work, business and Finance January 12

The first Council of astrologers do not ask anyone for help. Cope with everything on their own. If you set yourself some task, then stick to the plan no matter what. Do not handle other things, until we decide the main. This is the main advice of astrologers for those who wish to succeed at work. Will need to be able to abstract from it all and relax. Relaxation need today every hour at least for a few minutes, so as not to burn. To colleagues, partners and subordinates, be kind.

Don’t be lazy and don’t take everything. Be selective in the choice task. Trusting people these days suffer at the hands of envy and enemies. Do not believe those who will try to convince you to change your path. Money don’t litter. Invest finances wisely.

Love and relationships in 25 lunar day

Oddly enough, but in love too lazy to be even a more dangerous enemy than in the work and Affairs. Do not put off a date or to transfer them because of your unwillingness to leave the house. Since today astrologers suggest to prefer Dating privacy, you should not schedule meetings during the day. If the date was set before, it is better to fulfil their obligations and promises. Do not chase two hares at the same time, because in this case no one can catch. We are talking about dates with different people. Today you need to make a choice, what would you want it at any cost. The fateful decision wisely, forgetting about intuition.

Mood and health on Friday

Mood today people have a little bit upbeat, but all too often a variety of unpleasant things will disturb us. Someone is going to come from your own head, someone will have a problem with the work, thinking, physical health. To cope with this can be just not paying attention. Not so easy to ignore problems, but today need to learn that. Focus on, simply to get out of your own way and do not look far into the future. It is only important what you are doing right now.

Don’t turn away from people will, because every little thing today will have a value. Keep a careful lifestyle. It is better to follow a proper diet and eliminating harmful habits because your health will depend on your success in all areas.