Lunar day today 10 Jan 2018

Beginning in 2018 should be spent in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Use the energy of the moon to realize their plans and hopes, and the recommendations of the astrologers will help you avoid trouble.

The lunar phase will give us the additional impetus for action, and can impact negatively inclined people to laziness and desire to relax. Thanks to the daily lunar calendar you will be able to prepare for the coming day, make a plan of action and to eliminate errors and mistakes.

Moon phase: waning Crescent, 23 lunar day will be in the constellation of Scorpio. Wednesday activity will increase due to the positive pulses, so astrologers recommend to deal with important things that will lead you to prosperity.

Magnetic storms: solar activity will not be bothered by weather-sensitive people in the coming days.

What is good today:
caution in dealing with partners;
completion of current Affairs;
planning of further activities;
timely rest;
communication with loved ones.
What is harmful:
impulsivity and lack of restraint;
neglect of his duties;
laziness and selfishness.
Finance and career today

Despite the fact that the decrease of the moon is not the best way affects business activity, today, motivational issues will not arise: in cases will help the energy of mercury, the patron Saint of the environment. Because of his influence is possible to alter many things, enter into profitable contracts. However, number 10 this increases the likelihood of deception and confusion, so carefully check the documentation. The day is favorable for investment in banks with good reputation as well as for planned purchases.

Chores according to the lunar calendar

23 lunar day, enough energy for basic household chores, but the waning Moon inclines people to laziness, so astrologers do not recommend to plan for Wednesday repairs, moving furniture and General cleaning. In the evening is to relax in solitude or in the company of loved ones. Family or friendly dinner is the perfect end to the day.

Closet on Wednesday

Flowers will be all shades of brown. You should not choose clothes that restrict movement, but too loose closet will not contribute to the active work and cooperation. When choosing clothes pay attention to those elements that emphasize your goal-oriented attitude as well as beneficial to make you stand out. During this time, you should radiate charm and charisma. This will help you to produce a great impression on investors and business partners.

Health and emotions 10 Jan

The influence of the moon in the day won’t cause big problems, but to be positive don’t spend all the time within four walls. Walks in the fresh air in the company of friends will lift your spirits, but will also help the body to actively resist viruses and bacteria. To strengthen the protection you can with the help of decoctions of herbs, and daily exercise. To avoid negative emotions, avoid aggressive people and do not show responses.

Love and relationships in the 23rd lunar day

The environment is not the best day to search for new love. This time is fraught with deceptions, so your choice may not be what it seems. Family pairs of possible differences on the basis of misunderstanding or irritation. In a business relationship astrologers recommend to stick to peace, not to provoke colleagues in a negative reaction. On Wednesday, pay attention to your own attitude. Positive attitude saves you from troubles in communication.

In 2018 you can realize all your ideas, but beware. Eliminate laziness and the desire to postpone the case indefinitely. Your persistence and diligence will help to find financial stability and happiness in his personal life.